The Asian Banking School conducts the annual industry training needs survey in order to gain insights on the priorities of banks so that we can develop and offer training programmes that are needed the most by our clients.

The ABS Industry Training Needs 2023 survey was conducted in September 2022 as banks start planning for their organisation's training needs for next year. The knowledge gained from the results is valuable to us as it allows ABS to be aligned with what the industry wants so that we can develop and offer training programmes, as well as look into the delivery methods, that are needed the most by our clients in 2023.

The participants of the survey will receive a copy of the results and it is also available to purchase for those who did not. With the sharing of the survey results with the industry, many of our clients have also said that they have been able to use the information presented as a benchmark for their own internal learning and development planning. 

The survey covered areas that included:

  1. Profile of Respondents
  2. Training Preferences
  3. Delivery Methods
  4. Feedback & Suggestions

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