Visiting Lecturer Programme
That feeling of standing in front of a classroom and all eyes are on you. They’re waiting to hear what you have to say. They want to learn from you. The experiences you have had in your career so far could fill the pages of a book, or maybe more. The knowledge that you will be sharing would benefit the industry. You know that you were meant to do this. Ok, deep breath. Teach.

Give back to the industry and help shape the future of banking. We know that what you know would make for great “lesson learnt” stories. The best kind that you could be sharing when teaching in your own classroom one day. Through the Visiting Lecturer Programme, that day can happen a lot sooner than you think. 

As an experienced banker, there is much that you can do towards professionalizing the industry. After having spent more than a few years in banking and going through many “real life” situations at work, sharing of your knowledge and experience is one very important way that you can do that.

If you are considering taking a sabbatical from work and need a change from your regular day-to-day, the Asian Banking School (ABS) offers you an option to take that break with us through our Visiting Lecturer Programme. Through a mutual understanding and with permission of your bank, a secondment option may also be possible.
Why ABS?
We are one of the industry’s preferred partners in learning and development. Specializing in banking education, we train on average 25,000 banking professionals per year with over 900 programmes delivered in 2016 alone. 
What programmes does ABS offer?
Our programmes cover a comprehensive list of banking topics through Executive Education, Graduate Training, Public Programmes and Qualifications-Related Training Workshops. We also provide customized In-House Programmes and tailored learning solutions to fit the needs of our clients. 
How do I fit in?
We are looking for mid-career industry practitioners who have an interest in teaching to join us as short-term faculty members for a minimum period of 6 months up to 2 years.

During your tenure as an ABS Visiting Lecturer, you will spend a majority of your time designing, developing and delivering training programmes in your banking area of speciality and/or interest. You will work alongside our team of in-house Specialist Consultants in order to provide a cohesive and comprehensive suite of programmes offered. 
How do I join?
There will be an interview process to ensure that what you are looking for is a good fit with what we are looking for. We are particularly interested in bankers that have experience in varied practical areas in Retail, Corporate and Investment Banking.
How does it work?
You will come on board with remunerations and benefits provided according to the ABS grade scale. For those who will be joining us for 1 year or more, we offer our Visiting Lecturers the opportunity to be a Certified Training Professional through the Financial Accreditation Agency. This added benefit is “bond-free” and the credentials are yours to take with you beyond your tenure at ABS.  
Want to find out more about the Visiting Lecturer Programme? Let’s meet up!
To schedule an appointment or if you have any initial questions, please get in touch with:
+603-2742 7822 ext 326

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