Cambridge Summer School Programme to address main disruptors in banking world
Source:, 19 April 2017
KUALA LUMPUR, April 19 (Bernama) – The Asian Banking School's (ABS) flagship Cambridge Summer School Programme was officially launched here yesterday by Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim.

A collaboration with the University of Cambridge's Judge Business School, the programme is the second in ABS's flagship series after last year's roll out of the Global Banking Leaders Programme with Cass Business School in London.

It will be delivered at the university's constituent college, Trinity Hall, one of the institution's oldest and most beautiful colleges, and participants of this weeklong programme will stay on campus for a fully immersive Cambridge experience, the ABS said in a statement today.

During his opening address at the launch of the programme, Muhammad said: "Participants of this programme can look forward to being part of a landmark initiative that will provide vast opportunities to expand knowledge, experience and networks.

"Cambridge University is truly prestigious. Many ideas by scholars from this great institution have transformed entire professions, understanding and thinking.

"We should never forget that investment in human capital also means investment in future social capital. We should recognise that investments in social capital have longterm consequences." ABS CEO Prof Colyn Gardner said: "This partnership with Cambridge speaks volumes on the school's continued commitment to deliver world class learning opportunities for the industry.

"Participants of the programme in return will become alumni of the Cambridge Judge Business School, which is an honour recognised around the world." The theme of the inaugural Cambridge Summer School Programme is "Creating Resilience from Disruption in Today's Banks" and will address the main disruptors affecting the banking world. It will be held in the first week of August.

Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim

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