How FinTech is Impacting Banking Operations and Improving Back-Office Efficiency
How FinTech is Impacting Banking Operations and Improving Back-Office Efficiency
  • Overview
  • Objectives & Outline
  • Methodology
  • Participant Profile
  • Trainer
  • Overview


    2 days


    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


    Asian Banking School
    The FinTech revolution has had a dramatic impact on the financial services industry from the front office (trading systems and algorithms, digital wealth management and robo-advisors) through to middle office and Operations. It is a double-edged sword with a variety of disruptive technologies making their mark on the sector - some threatening and some supporting banking institutions. Traditional banks and other financial institutions that previously had clear advantages are now facing competition. Those previously seen as untouchable are now having to compete with start-ups that thrive on technological innovation.

    This programme has been developed for bank employees with a focus on Operations and the effect FinTech is having on them. It will be looking into technological developments and the impact on the efficiency of back offices to enable participants to increase their knowledge of the industry and assist them in their roles and in planning. It will also look at the developments affecting operational efficiency and the difficulties that banks face, while also covering the history and principles of Blockchain as well as the feasibility of distributed ledger technology within banking and the financial services and in particular, the back office and operations.




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  • Objectives & Outline
    By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

    • Learn about technology and its development in the support functions of banks
    • Learn about FinTech trends in Operations
    • Understand the current dynamics between FinTechs and Banks
    • Gain a good understanding of the architecture and principles of Blockchain (DLT)
    • Learn about how Blockchain technology impacts operations

    Technology in Banking
      • Introduction
      • Legacy systems and the problems banks face
      • To replace or develop

    The Rise of FinTech
      • What is FinTech
      • How does FinTech work 
      • hifting from B2C to B2B
      • FinTechs Competing with Traditional Banking Services
      • How non-financial institutions are challenging traditional players

    FinTechs Working with Banking – Overview of Current Impact and Trends
      • FO
      • MO
      • Risk
      • Compliance

    FinTech in Banking Operations
      • Historical development of technology in banking operations
      • Confirmations
      • Settlements
      • Derivative contract settlements
      • Reconciliation
      • Payments
      • Opportunities
      • Challenges

    Artificial Intelligence and machine learning – how it will impact the back office

    Case Study – TASKSIZE

    External FinTech Developments That Aid Banking Efficiency
      • ASX Replacing CHESS with Blockchain technology for all settlement and clearing
      • DTCC moving to Blockchain for all post trade process for all US securities it handles

      • Introduction to Blockchain
      • How Blockchain works – the main principles
      • The role of consensus in Blockchain

    Smart Contracts
      • Definition of smart contract
      • Existing technologies
      • Use in Operations
      • Limitations and future developments
    • Case Study – Ethereum and Ripple
    • Summation and trends in Operations – the way forward

  • Methodology

    Instructor led facilitation using role plays, case study discussions, quiz, exercises, and hands-on practice

  • Participant Profile
    Banking, financial services and FinTech professionals, especially those involved in the planning and operations of back-offices
  • Trainer

    Peter Carpenter (Pete)

    Pete has 34 years of financial markets experience with major banks in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, and Stockholm; where he has traded FX, FX Options, Interest Rates and Derivatives, Equities and Equity Derivatives, Fixed Income and Money Market products. He has set up and managed numerous trading teams and in his last role was Regional Treasurer and Head of Capital Markets in Singapore. He is experienced in Risk and Compliance in PB in Asia and in communicating with other Branches and Head Offices that are abroad.
    In his various roles, Pete has gained deep experience in most aspects of financial products including market making, proprietary risk, sales, advisory and treasury management. He has trained many traders and held courses for staff and clients. He has experienced many extreme crisis situations, both within his institutions and market wide, where he has had to exhibit deft crisis management and deal with and manage regulators and institutions. He has spent 23 years working in Asia and is experienced in managing situations related to cultural differences. He has also managed teams in other continents remotely.

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