Monetising Compliance with RegTech
Monetising Compliance with RegTech
  • Overview
  • Objectives & Outline
  • Methodology
  • Participant Profile
  • Trainer
  • Overview


    1 day


    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


    Asian Banking School
    Regulation and compliance remains the major challenge to the financial services industry. Billions of dollars are spent every year and compliance remains a major driver of expenditure. The regulatory pressures are not slowing, and new complexity is emerging in the compliance space, from MifiD to PSD2. It is therefore understandable that the RegTech sector is attracting so much industry attention. This programme will examine how RegTech will make it easier for banks to comply with regulation.

    There are 2 major themes to RegTech; cost reduction and opportunities to leverage the compliance investment for additional business revenue. Participants will discuss both and the synergies. The programme will begin with an overview of FinTech and how the RegTech ecosystem is accelerating through the adoption of two technology groups; cloud infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence (AI), followed by Big Data and analytics. The programme will conclude with a look into the future of RegTech, how startups are being used by banks for experimentation and investment purposes.




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  • Objectives & Outline
    By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

    • Develop a clear understanding of the FinTech revolution
    • Discuss the two major technologies in RegTech – Cloud infrastructure and AI
    • Be familiar with the disruptive technology landscape and main trends in regulation
    • Recognise the principles and user-cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data
    • Gain insight into the future of RegTech and its commercial implications

    Course Opening & Agenda
    • FinTech overview
    • Regulation landscape in 2018
    • FinTech, Regulation & Sandboxes
    • Case Study – Using A Sandbox

    FinTech Ecosystem
    • OS API’s & Blockchain
    • RegTech technologies, overview and applications
    • Cloud infrastructure and in-line computing
    • Smart data cubes
    • Cybersecurity
      • Technical Risks
      • People Risks
    • AI
      • Defining AI
      • Different types of AI
      • Machine vs Brain (limitations of AI)

    AI Game
    • Areas of implementation in RegTech
    • Data Science
      • Defining data sciences
      • The era of endless data streams
      • Data Risks (5Vs)
    • Overview of Big Data user cases for financial services
    • The costs and benefits of RegTech
      • How RegTech makes banking safer
    • Case Study – Cost Reduction Example
    • Case Study – Commercial Applications
    • Startups, VC and delivering on RegTech

    Blue Sky Session – 2022; What Will RegTech Look Like?
    • RegTech business planning

    Discussion – How Is Your Organisation Investing in RegTech? An early adopter or reluctant collaboration?

  • Methodology

    Instructor led facilitation using video-based learning, case study discussions, quiz, game and exercises

  • Participant Profile
    Banking, compliance and FinTech professionals who would like to know more about RegTech from a business perspective. This programme is a business overview and not a complex deep dive into the various technologies. Whilst issues of functionality and application are discussed, there is no need for a programming or an engineering background.
  • Trainer

    Philip Eden

    Philip Eden is the EVP (Asia) for Intuition and a Senior Learning Consultant, specialising in capital and wholesale markets. In his EVP role, Philip is responsible for leadership and strategy. As a Senior Learning Consultant, he creates and delivers courses that are aimed at increasing knowledge and enhancing performance in the workplace.

    He entered the financial markets in 1979 and has 27 years of front office experience with major banks in London, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore. His most recent post was as Director of Global Money Markets with CSFB Tokyo and Singapore; and prior to that he was Director and Head of Trading, Rates for UBS Singapore and Chief Dealer for Mitsubishi Bank London. His nearly three decades of experience has covered front office trading and sales, mid office risk functions and back office operations. Philip has direct business know-how of a wide product range including foreign exchange, rates and equities (including hybrids), cash and derivatives (vanilla, structured and exotics).
    Philip has provided sales and solutions coverage to both the buy and sell side of major banks and securities firms, large hedge funds, international mutual funds, asset managers, quasi government agencies, multinational firms and pension funds. He has also undertaken two major restructuring projects of non- performing businesses.

    Philip was involved in the early implementation of CSFB Primetrade, a FinTech solution (DMA/ECN) for front office trading and sales and had recently developed a set of knowledge programmes aimed at FinTech disruption, FinTech adoption, Agile Thinking, RegTech, and building a FinTech business. Philip currently trains and provides consultancy services for a broad client segment, including major commercial and wholesale banks, regional banks and regulators in Asia. He delivers for a wide range of delegates, from graduates to c-suite.

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