Creating Value with AI and Data for Banking and Finance Leaders
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    "AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. 
    I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire."

    – Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

    Finance functions are rapidly and profoundly changing given the recent developments in AI and data usage. We are faced with new technologies the potential of which must be well understood by leaders of the banking and finance industry.

    This sentiment was emphatically reflected in the results of the L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2023 ( Participated by 3,996 people from 100 countries including Malaysia, the survey showed that 2023 is the year that L&D returns to a focus on data, AI and systems after a temporary departure due to changing learning and development needs arising from the pandemic. The survey further concluded that we are back to where we thought we would be in 2019, when Artificial Intelligence ranked #2, or in 2020, when Learning Analytics was #1. In the intervening years, the power of AI and the ability to handle data, have grown hugely more sophisticated. ChatGPT is only the latest, public expression of decades of work that have been taking place in the background.

    The ESSEC Business School is one of the leading and pioneering business schools in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Digital Transformation. Rated one of the top business schools in the world and the 3rd best in Executive Education - Custom Programmes (the Financial Times 2020 global rankings), the Asian Banking School is pleased to be collaborating with ESSEC to develop and deliver the Creating Value with AI and Data for Banking and Finance Leaders Programme.

    This inaugural week-long international residential programme was designed especially for banking and finance senior executives and will provide participants with the necessary and latest insights, frameworks and tools to elevate and accelerate strategic decisions in AI and Data usage and adjust their organisations to the realities of this new era. They will gain first-hand exposure to global banking and finance trends through interactive lectures and case studies at ESSEC’s Paris campus located in the heart of the financial district, company visits and industry talks.


    11 – 15 September 2023


    ESSEC Business School,
    Paris, France

    Malaysian Participants



    per participant

    International Participants



    per participant

    * Fee includes all training activities and materials, company visits, lunches during training days, special dinners, the social programme and accommodation (from 10-16 September 2023) in single occupancy rooms in a 4-star hotel. It is not inclusive of taxes.

    • This programme is an approved HRD Corp claimable course and employers can claim 100% of the programme fee.
    • The programme fee and roundtrip airfare is STF credit claimable by qualifying Malaysian banks.

  • Programme at a glance
    10 Sep
    11 Sep
    12 Sep
    13 Sep
    14 Sep
    15 Sep
    Arrival in Paris Kick-off Session

    Welcome Speech

    Discovering AI & Data and their Role in Banking & Finance

    Understanding New Developments in Qualitative Approaches

    Benefits & Challenges of a Data Driven Organisation

    Creating a Successful Data Driven Company Roadmap
    AI Literacy, Experimentation & Value Metrics

    Creating a Common Language Regarding AI & Data
    Data Value Creation in Action

    Practical Examples from Leading Business Organisations
    How AI and Data Analytics Impact ESG Developments in the World of Banking & Finance
    Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
    Visit to the Louvre Museum with priority access guided tour. Followed by Welcome Drinks. Leveraging Value with AI for Top Management Teams

    Ethical Implications of AI in Banking & Finance

    Company Visit:
    Best Practices in AI & Data - Lessons from a Top Financial Institution
    Industry Talk:
    Learning from Practitioners; FinTechs & Alternative Data Providers
    Translating Data into Monetisation Strategies for Banking Organisations Delivering Data Storytelling and Dashboards

    Certificate Ceremony
    Evening Break Evening Break Evening Break Evening Break Evening Break Evening Break
    Free Time

    Welcome Dinner at the Le Ciel de Paris Free Time Free Time Farewell Dinner on the Bateaux Parisiens Free Time
  • Programme Outline
    Sunday, 10 September 2023
    Visit to the Louvre Museum, 3:00pm (duration 2 hours)
    Followed by Welcome Drinks

    On Sunday afternoon, participants have the option of joining us on a priority access guided tour of the Louvre Museum. It is the world's largest museum and houses one of the most impressive art collections in history including the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. With priority access, participants will follow the guide straight into the museum without needing to stand in line.

    After the tour, a Welcome Drinks session will be held.

    Monday, 11 September 2023
    Morning Session : Kick-Off Session & Welcome Speech

    The first session will be an introduction to the Programme and what to expect in the week.

    Morning Sessions : Discovering AI & Data and their Role in Banking & Finance
                                    : Understanding New Developments in Qualitative Approaches

    We will start the morning with an overview of the role that AI and Data plays in the financial services. We will then review the specificities of qualitative methods available (for example : case study, action research, ethnography) to understand how such methods could help, for example, to identify the possible roadblocks to technology adoption by interviewing designers and users. We will provide practical examples and guidance for running such investigations, and how to interpret the data collected. The session will be based on multiple practical examples from existing projects.

    Afternoon Sessions : Leveraging Value with AI for Top Management Teams
                                       : Ethical Implications of AI in Banking & Finance

    We highlight the main foundations of Artificial Intelligence and its differences with human intelligence. A brief history of AI allows us to understand its current frontier consisting of machine learning. The main focus of this session is value creation with AI. As a tool, we practice how to leverage value with the AI Canvas. The participants learn to analyse and manage AI-driven digital transformation processes, and uncover and leverage the value potential of AI. Participants will be able to identify potential sources of AI bias and to develop strategies to mitigate AI bias in their organisation’s AI systems. The afternoon will also see us discussing the ethical questions posed by artificial intelligence.

    Evening Session : Welcome Dinner

    It is customary for ABS to have a Welcome Dinner for participants of all its International Executive Education programmes on the first day. The venue for this Welcome Dinner will be at the elegant Le Ciel de Paris. Located on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, this restaurant offers the most beautiful and panaromic view of Paris. With 58 floors, Montparnasse Tower is the highest building in the capital and the second most in France.

    Tuesday, 12 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Morning Sessions : Benefits & Challenges of a Data Driven Organisation
                                    : Creating a Successful Data Driven Company Roadmap
    In the morning, we will clearly define what it means to be a data driven company and discuss what the benefits and challenges are. We detail how to run a data driven journey according to the following four dimensions. First, ambition and vision: how to setup a data strategy according to the business strategy. Second, data culture and data literacy. Third, data use cases strategy and value. Fourth, skills, organisation and technology. We practice the concepts with a banking case study that will take us from the business strategy right up to a use case.
    Afternoon Sessions : Company Visit : Best Practices in AI & Data - Lessons from a Top Financial Institution
    Participants will visit selected financial sector actors in the financial district of Paris La Défense and have the opportunity to gain insights on first-hand experience from practitioners in the field of AI & Data.
    Wednesday, 13 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Morning Sessions : AI Literacy, Experimentation & Value Metrics
                                    : Creating a Common Language Regarding AI & Data
    A major problem in the development of valuable AI solutions is the lack of a common language regarding data and AI. The morning sessions will provide the necessary elements that allow clear communication, so that strategic decisions can be made based on data via experimentation. We discuss value metrics which allow us to quantify the impact of these strategic decisions. Participants will learn to improve their data language skills and to implement A/B testing in practice.
    Afternoon Sessions : Industry Talk
    Participants will get to learn the latest developments in AI and data and gain first-hand information from FinTech and Alternative Data Provider practitioners.
    Thursday, 14 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Morning Sessions : Data Value Creation in Action
                                    : Practical Examples from Leading Business Organisations

    Companies often have access to a lot of data but value is not always easy to extract from it. We provide a framework to tackle the main challenges and typical steps from raw data collection to client delivery. We will include specific examples around iterations a market intelligence platform made on its data pipeline to fit client needs. The participants learn to understand why and how to build out value from data, and work through practical examples to understand the main challenges around data processing.

    Afternoon Session : Translating Data into Monetisation Strategies for Banking Organisations

    Like any product, the value of a certain data needs to be proven to be sold to end-customers. We work through various examples of datasets and data products and explore how the value they provide translates into monetisation strategies. Participants learn to discover various types of datasets that are sold to different types of customers and understand the principles of minimum valuable products and product market fit. Pricing and sales strategies to go to market will also be covered.

    Evening Session : Farewell Dinner

    The farewell dinner is also an ABS tradition for its Executive Education programmes and this one will be held on the Bateaux Parisiens, where partipants will get to enjoy a wonderful evening on a Paris Seine boat. From the boat's large bay windows, you will see the Musée d'Orsay, Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, and the Conciergerie located on the Ile de la Cité, as well as the Louvre. This exceptional view will also include a chance to observe the illuminated Eiffel Tower as the boat passes by. While admiring the view, an elegant dinner will be served on the boat.

    Friday, 15 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Morning Session : How AI & Data Analytics Impact ESG Developments in the World of Banking & Finance
    This session will cover recent advances in the role AI and Data Analytics can play in driving ESG developments. It will discuss how to improve environmental sustainability with data analysis, risk measurement and hedging. Participants will learn how to promote social equity and diversity, improve corporate governance and reduce fraud and corruption.
    Afternoon Session : Delivering Data Storytelling and Dashboards
    Making data accessible for non- technical and/or executive audiences is required to deliver sharp stories. We focus on how to shape a visualisation and deliver the right messages to the targeted audience. The participants learn how to apply storytelling principles to data visualisation, build scenarios, and understand how a data visualisation tool works in practice.
    Certificate Ceremony
    This ceremony will see participants receiving their certificates and officially mark the end of the one-week programme.
  • Training Methodology

    ESSEC created Metalab in 2020 to bring focus to the conditions, impacts and consequences of broad AI and data technologies adoption on businesses and society in three key areas: education, research, and the public conversation. It consists of a pluradisciplinary team of academics, AI practitioners and AI scientists, and an active community of academics, students and staff. With its industry and public partners, the Metalab produces and takes part in impactful research projects, develops innovative educational programmes for its students and executive education participants, as well as animate the public conversation about the adoption of data and AI technologies.


    Accenture and ESSEC with the Strategic Business Analytics Chair (SBA) are committed to train the next generation of data leaders. The dynamic teaching methods, designed for the Chair, ensure a rigorous, immersive and impactful learning experience. They shape future executives to attain the right mind-set, with interpersonal and analytical skills to create business value. Finally, it is also their priority to cultivate creativity and to build capacity to change.


    The ESSEC Digital Disruption Chair prepares students to become all-around digital managers, fit to work in and lead digital projects and teams within traditional organisations, pure tech players, digital transformation consultancies, startups, scale-ups, or vc funds. The Chair focuses on digital strategy, transformation, and business models. Strategy is also studied through marketing, operations, finance, ethics, sustainability, and geopolitics.

  • Programme Faculty
    Professor Jeroen Rombouts
    Director, ESSEC-Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair
    Jeroen Rombouts has been a Professor at ESSEC Business School since 2013. He obtained a PhD in Econometrics in 2004, and as a full Professor of Statistics and Econometrics, he teaches Big Data Analytics and Data Science courses for the MBA, Master and Executive Programmes at ESSEC in Paris and Singapore. His research topic is predictive analytics, in particular time series analysis and forecasting. He has published numerous scientific articles, organises workshops frequently and is an Associate editor of several quantitative scientific journals. His research is funded by the European Commission and the French national research agency. Prior to joining ESSEC Business School, Jeroen was Associate Professor at HEC Montreal (2004-2012).
    Professor Julien Malaurent
    Director, Online Executive Master in Digital Transformation
    Julien Malaurent is Associate Professor in the IDS department, and serves as Academic Director for the (online) Executive Master in Digital Transformation. He is also in charge, jointly with Prof. Guillaume Chevillon, of the Metalab. Julien’s research projects are based on qualitative approaches (case study and action research), and address issues related to the work practices of users embedded in multi-cultural context, digital ubiquity, digital transformation at both the organisational and societal levels. In terms of methodology and epistemology, Julien’s research projects stress the importance of reflexivity toward the use of theoretical framework and interpretation of empirical datasets.
    Professor Elise Gourier
    Associate Professor in Finance, ESSEC Business School
    Elise Gourier received her PhD in Finance in 2013 at the University of Zurich (part of the Swiss Finance Institute). Prior to joining ESSEC in 2018, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University and as an Assistant Professor at Queen Mary University of London. She teaches Machine Learning courses to Master's and PhD students at ESSEC and EPFL. Her research investigates risk premia of listed and private equity, with applications to quantitative risk management and dynamic portfolio optimisation. In her current work, Elise uses Machine Learning algorithms to investigate the effect of climate risks on financial markets and prices. Her work was published in the top 3 finance journals and presented at top international conferences. Her paper on factors in private equity received the 2018 Jack Treynor Prize, sponsored by the Q-Group. Her research is funded by the French National Research Agency.
    Professor Thomas Huber
    Associate Professor of Information Systems
    Thomas Huber is passionate about the managerial and societal oportunities and challenges related to modern information technology. He is particularly interested in understanding dynamics over time with many of his projects taking a process-theoretic stance. He explores his interest in IT-related change processes in three broad research areas:
    • Managing Digital Transformation Processes: Platform Ecosystems / Management of Large-Scale System Implementation Projects / Management of AI projects
    • Governance Dynamics in Software Development: Dynamics of Contracts & Controls / Managing Pardoxes & Contradictions
    • Digital Collaboration: Prototype Use / Distributed Agile Software Development
  • Programme Venue

    ESSEC Business School is a highly regarded institution of higher education located in France with its main campus in Cergy-Pontoise and three others in Paris La Défense, Singapore, and Morocco. Founded in 1907, ESSEC has a reputation for academic excellence and is consistently ranked among the top business schools in Europe and the world at large. It is triple accredited (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS), placing ESSEC in the top 1% of business schools in the world and is a grande école, an elite French academic institution that admits students through an extremely competitive process comparable to Ivy League schools and Oxbridge.

    ESSEC’s distinctiveness stems from the pioneering spirit of the members of its community and its core values – humanism, responsibility, innovation and openness - that shape its scientific ambitions and pedagogical approach. Their mission is to infuse leadership with meaning in order to prepare leaders ready to address contemporary economic, environmental and social challenges. It produces innovative and relevant knowledge to equip its students with the skills, know-how and savoir-être that will make them truly responsible, inclusive and respectful of the environment.

    Convinced that knowledge provides a path to freedom - Per scientiam ad libertatem - ESSEC inculcates in its students critical thinking and creativity skills that prepare them to anticipate and address the challenges of an increasingly uncertain world. It also seeks to enlighten the actions of businesses and organisations in a world transformed by the new industrial revolution, the environmental crisis, a new world balance and other major societal changes.

    By emphasizing individualisation when designing its programmes, ESSEC prioritises the cultivation of personal responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit amongst its diverse community members, and offers them a unique experience that will guide them throughout their lives.

    The ESSEC Paris La Défense campus is dedicated exclusively to Executive Education and will be the venue for the programme. Located in the historical CNIT building in the heart of Europe’s largest purpose built business district, it is 10 minutes from the centre of Paris and welcomes more than 5,000 senior executives and leaders annually. On-site catering will be provided by the world-renowned award-winning Sodexo Prestige and menus will be suited to meet the different dietary requirements of participants.
    Accommodation will be provided based on single occupancy from Sunday 10th until Saturday 16th September 2023 at the 4-star Hilton Paris La Défense Hotel. The hotel is also located in the CNIT Building, which has a shopping mall, restaurants and an open air museum. It is just a 3-minute walk to the ESSEC campus and 30-40 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport by car/taxi. It is well connected to public transportation including metro links to major spots like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Champs Elysées.

    For more information on the hotel, visit

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