DOMAIN 1: Personal Mastery Programmes
  • Introduction
  • Objectives & Topics
  • Methodology
  • Introduction
    Today’s intense competitive and rapid-paced financial sector environment requires executives who are continually seeking improvements in fortifying new competencies. These programmes prepare executives to gain personal mastery in areas that include building interpersonal skills, creating a professional image, tapping on synergistic teamwork, presenting and communicating ideas, creating innovative solutions, enhancing work relationships, managing changes and ultimately excelling in the workplace. With personal mastery in place, executives can play a pivotal transformative role in the organization.
    ABS is able to design and deliver customized in-house programmes suited towards developing talent in your organization in Personal Mastery. To find out more, please contact:
    +603-2742 7822 ext 328
  • Objectives & Topics
    These programmes focus on the core skills that are needed to achieve personal mastery and consistently deliver outstanding performance. Learning objectives in this domain include: 

    • Developing a powerful professional corporate image
    • Attracting people using manners and courtesy
    • Enhancing awareness of professional and business ethics that will bring long term business
    • Learning techniques to foster teamwork and create a supportive team culture
    • Boosting self-confidence in public speaking and communication skills
    • Applying appropriate techniques in making a purposeful and effective presentation
    • Arriving at better decisions through creative thinking process
    • Managing one’s self and superiors for personal development in meeting performance standards
    • Demonstrating the ability to adapt and contribute productively to the work environment
    • Employability Survival in the 21st Century
    • Business Etiquette & Social Skills
    • Professionalism & Business Ethics
    • Collaboration & Teamwork
    • Building Confidence in Public Speaking
    • Business Presentation Skills
    • Creative Thinking Skills
    • Managing Superiors
  • Methodology
    Learning is experiential and based on individual and interactive group activities:

    • Lectures  
    • Discussions  
    • Case studies  
    • Role plays  
    • Videos  
    • Games  
    • Video Recordings  
    • Workshops  
    • Presentations  
    • Public Speaking  
    • Self and Peer Evaluations

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