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  • Introduction
  • Objectives & Topics
  • Methodology
  • Introduction
    Young Executives must possess depth and have spent energy and time in specified functional areas of banking to acquire creditability. Functional mastery is about expertise in managing in the field of banking.
    ABS is able to design and deliver customized in-house programmes suited towards developing talent in your organization in Functional Mastery. To find out more, please contact:
    Dr. Vijayan
    Director of Graduate Training and FSTEP
    +603-2742 7822 ext 328
  • Objectives & Topics
    The objectives of the programmes under this domain aim to impart knowledge in the functional areas of banking. These include:
    • Understanding the principles of customer service

    • Rectifying mistakes during a crisis in the work place

    • Preparing for challenging negotiating situations

    • Managing tasks in a structured and organized way

    • Conducting meetings effectively

    • Managing the workplace in a harmonious way

    • Exceeding client’s expectations
    • Customer Service

    • Workplace Damage Control

    • Negotiation Skills

    • Basic Project Management

    • Managing Meetings

    • Managing Client Expectations

    • Discipline in the Work Place
  • Methodology
    Learning is experiential and based on individual and interactive group activities:
    • Lectures
    • Discussions
    • Case studies
    • Role plays
    • Videos
    • Games
    • Video Recordings
    • Workshops
    • Presentations
    • Public Speaking
    • Self and Peer Evaluations
  • Customized Programmes
    "In my experience, this type of training is very effective as content is tailored specifically to the bank’s strategies, as well as its operating environment, business scenarios, processes and data."
    CEO of Asian Banking School (ABS)
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