DOMAIN 3: Technical Mastery Programmes
  • Introduction
  • Objectives & Topics
  • Methodology
  • Introduction
    The current dynamic business environment is forcing banks to move out of the traditional lines of business and expand into new areas and new business models. As a consequence, the skills requirements have also evolved with growing diversity and complexity of businesses in which banks are engaged, the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers, technological innovation, regulatory changes, sound risk management, business ethics and professionalism. ABS offers a diverse menu of technical skills programme to up-skill bank executives to keep in tandem with new demands. The technical competencies are specialised and required for success in a particular role, job or function.
    ABS is able to design and deliver customized in-house programmes suited towards developing talent in your organization in Functional Mastery. To find out more, please contact:
    +603-2742 7822 ext 328
  • Objectives & Topics
    The objectives of the programmes under this domain are to impart knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in banking and finance. These include: 

    • Providing knowledge and understanding of the nature of financial systems, and the particular roles of banks and the central bank
    • Developing the capacity to appraise economic and financial reports
    • Understanding the aspects of economics that are most relevant for a career in banking and finance
    • Developing an appreciation of the international dimension of financial systems
    • Developing the ability to apply appropriate risk management techniques
    • Developing the facility to use spreadsheets and econometric techniques to analyse corporate performance, and to identify trends in financial markets.
    • Developing the ability to manage projects and appreciate budgeting techniques
    • Developing an understanding of the key financial decisions made by corporations, and the use of the equity and bond markets to raise finance
    • Providing knowledge and understanding of different types of banking and financial systems, including those in emerging countries and countries in transition
    • Developing an appreciation of the implication of regulations impacting banking and finance.
    • Bank Operations
    • Regulatory Framework
    • Payment Systems
    • Professional Ethics
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Wealth Management
    • Islamic Banking
    • Financial Markets
    • Compliance
    • Risk
    • Internal Audit
    • Credit and Lending
  • Methodology
    Learning is experiential and based on individual and interactive group activities:

    • Discussions 
    • Case studies 
    • Workshops 
    • Presentations 
    • Assessment

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