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ABS now offers a suite of online learning programmes that we have developed in-house or in collaboration with strategic learning partners that includes some of the leading business schools and other learning institutions in the world. The aim is to cover as wide a range of banking areas as possible with the work on this to be on-going.

Going through the programmes, you may notice that some are a repeat of what we had offered before. These bestselling programmes have been refreshed into a version that is more conducive for online learning. At the same time, more programmes will be added as and when they become available, so we hope that you will continue to check back on our website as well as go through the latest edition of the ABS Online Learning Programmes brochure to see the latest of our offerings.

While most of what you see here are available for open enrolment, many of these programmes can be delivered as in-house training for organisations. And for in-house training, a selection of the programmes can be delivered online or in a face-to-face classroom (with strict adherence to social distancing guidelines). ABS also provides a broad spectrum of consultancy services to create tailor-made training programmes that are specifically aligned with your organisation's strategic learning requirements.


With more and more organisations moving towards online learning to meet the training needs of talent, Learning and Development and HR teams have found that effectively administrating training sessions that involve virtual classrooms and webinars can be quite time consuming and requires much effort when added on to the many tasks that they already have to do on a daily basis. Furthermore, choosing just one online learning platform suitable for the entire organisation can be a daunting process and the annual fees costly.

At ABS, we are able to take on this task and offer a comprehensive package at a reasonable price for online learning administrative services, while also providing several online training platforms to choose from.



Interest in Sustainable Finance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors by the banking industry and the global investment community at large has finally reached a tipping point. We are seeing banks having to recalibrate how they operate from “profit-maximising” to “profit with a purpose”. It is something stakeholders and shareholders are increasingly concerned about because they believe it is going to drive everything else they care about. Growth, market share and profitability.

This has resulted in Sustainable and Green Finance, and ESG considerations becoming not just a nice-to-have but a must-have. It has evolved from a risk management practice to a driver of innovation and new opportunities that create long-term value for business and society.

To meet the rising need for training in this area, a suite of programmes has been developed in-house at the Asian Banking School or in collaboration with leading international business schools. Together, these programmes form a learning pathway from Foundation to Advanced level.

Most of these programmes can be customised as in-house training to suit the needs of your organisation.

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