Artificial Intelligence In Finance
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    Available for in-house training


    Available for in-house training

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    89% of European banks have started working with Artificial Intelligence (AI). American banks are putting AI at the top of the list for their technology efforts. But what exactly is AI? What are the applications of AI in finance? What are the opportunities, but also the risks of AI in the industry?

    The Asian Banking School is pleased to be collaborating with the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship on this online course, “AI in Finance” which was jointly developed by the CFTE together with Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

    The course consists of video lectures, interviews with guest speakers, supplementary readings and quizzes, which guide participants through the various applications of AI in finance. Its online format allows for independent, self-paced learning, where the content delivered by a diverse group of AI experts can be accessed at any time.

    Once the participants successfully complete the 18 modules, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Programme Outline
    Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Have a good understanding of the main concepts behind Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, machine vision, etc.
    • Appreciate the developments of AI, especially in the context of financial services, and recognise its potential and limitations
    • Learn to identify potential use cases of AI in different sectors of finance
    • Be able to understand the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI
    • Understand future applications of AI by applying conceptual frameworks
    • Think of ways to apply AI to the financial industry
    The online course comprises of video lectures taught by the Senior Lecturers, readings that complement the topics addressed in the lectures, and video interviews from industry experts to illustrate specific points raised by the lecturers. 

    At the end of each of the 18 modules, there is an Assessment Quiz to verify the
    understanding of the topic – a successful completion of the 18 quizzes leads to a Certificate of Completion of “Artificial Intelligence in Finance”.

    Each module also benefits from its online discussion forum where participants can share, comment and exchange ideas on discussed topics.

    Chapter 1
    An Industry Overview of AI

    • Module 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
    • Module 2: Use cases of AI outside of Finance 
    • Module 3: Use cases of AI in Finance
    • Module 4: Industry drivers of AI in Finance

    Chapter 2
    AI Technologies

    • Module 5: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
    • Module 6: Building AI systems
    • Module 7: Natural Language Processing
    • Module 8: Recommendation Engine

    Chapter 3
    Implementing AI in an Enterprise

    • Module 9: Integrating AI at a Strategic Level 
    • Module 10: Infrastructure for AI
    • Module 11: The Role of People
    • Module 12: Ethics and risksw

    Chapter 4
    Applications of AI in finance

    • Module 13: Wealth and Asset Management 
    • Module 14: Insurance
    • Module 15: Customer service
    • Module 16: Robotic Process Automation 
    • Module 17: Credit Scoring
    • Module 18: Compliance and Fraud Detection

  • Methodology

    • 18 modules of self-paced learning
    • Video lectures with curated readings
    • Quizzes to test the assimilation of knowledge
    • Forum to exchange thoughts with fellow participants

  • Participant Profile

    This programme is suited for a wide range of professionals who are keen to master the key elements of AI and want to understand its applications in finance. We welcome finance professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers and all the people who are ready to take a deep dive into the future of finance.

  • Trainer

    5 senior lecturers and 18 guest speakers drive the excellence and leadership of AI in finance. They are senior leaders from the largest financial institutions, CEOs of fast-growing startups, investors or regulators and are world-class experts in their domains. They share their insights as industry practitioners to help participants access high quality knowledge and gain first hand experience of AI in finance.

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