Introduction to Ethics in Banking
  • Overview
  • Objectives & Outline
  • Methodology & Assessment
  • Participant Profile
  • Trainers
  • Overview
    Programme Details
    18 – 27 September 2024
    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Training Platform
    Online via Zoom
    The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB) will award 8 CPD hours for those attending classroom training and 10 CPD hours for those who go through the online learning option
    Since January 2017, all new graduates hired by the banking industry are required to complete the Introduction to Ethics in Banking programme. Designed, developed and delivered by the Asian Banking School (ABS), over twenty thousand bankers have gone through the training since its inception, which considering the importance of the subject matter, bodes well for the industry itself.

    In our continuous efforts to deliver programmes that are innovative and current with the times, ABS has developed an online learning version of the Introduction to Ethics in Banking programme, alongside the existing classroom training option.

    The classroom training is an 8-hour face-to-face session, while the online programme comprises of 8 hours self-paced e-learning that is followed by a 1½ hour webinar, both of which must be completed within 7 days upon registration.

    As the programme is at an introductory level, it will focus on ethical issues that are commonly encountered at the operational level, which includes integrity, conflict of interest, confidentiality and whistleblowing.
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    *Subject to 8% Service Tax per pax

  • Objectives & Outline
    By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
    • Define professionalism in banking
    • Understand what is meant by ethics in the context of banking
    • Understand types of ethical theories and its application in the workplace
    • Analyse the psychological approach to ethics using Kohlberg’s Theory
    • Understand the context of unethical behaviour towards employees in terms of sexual harassment and workplace bullying
    What is ethics and why is ethics important in banking?
    • The nature of ethics, and its specific meaning in the context of business

    • Fundamental ethical concepts: integrity, honesty, probity, transparency, fairness, objectivity, responsibility, accountability, judgement, scepticism
      • Discussion of case 1

    • Duties of a banker, based on rules that must be followed and principles that govern behaviours

    • Ethics based on consequences, but consequences to whom? Reconciling actions with the interests of stakeholders and the public interest
      • Discussion of case 2

    • Defining 'professional' and why bankers have to try harder than lawyers, doctors and accountants

    • Characteristics of a profession

    • Professional codes of conduct
      • Discussion of case 3

    Ethical decision taking:
    • Influences on our decisions, and their conflicting impact on what we do. These include rewards and threats, expectations of family, friends, colleagues and the law, perceptions of what is right and what is wrong.

    • Decision taking frameworks

    • Dealing with conflicts of interest

    • Dealing with ethical dilemmas
      • Discussion of case 4

  • Methodology & Assessment

    This programme will be delivered on an ABS learning platform that incorporates online learning and self-assessment, followed by a webinar at the end. It offers an interactive and case-based hybrid learning experience that provides participants with the framework and tools to make ethical decisions.

    Part A : E-Learning

    • The programme is self-paced and includes an e-learning section that consists of 6 modules followed by a self-assessment - both of which must be completed within 7 days

    Part B : Webinar

    • 1.5 hour live session with the trainer which builds on the e-learning session completed in Part A
    • The webinar features Kahoot, polling, chat, case discussions and a Q & A session where participants can practice the application of ethical decision making tools
    • Participants need to pass the online assessment to be eligible to register for the webinar
    • A digital certificate will be issued upon completion of both parts A & B of the online learning programme, after which participants will be eligible to apply for Affiliate Membership with AICB
    • Participants are required to complete a self-assessment for both classroom & online training (MCQ format)
    • If they fail, they need to re-register and take the whole programme again
    • All participants are required to proceed for membership registration with AICB upon completion of the whole programme
  • Participant Profile
    Graduate trainees or new hires at the banks with less than 2 years working experience. This programme has also been extended to executives (non-managerial) of banks who would like to learn about ethical decision making.
  • Trainers


    Sylphy Chui is a Training Consultant at the Asian Banking School and has more than 16 years of experience in the banking sector in credit sales and marketing, credit evaluation and credit approvals, consumer and commercial loans, and branch management.

    She started her career as a Senior Sales and Marketing Executive at a Public Bank Berhad branch where she gained valuable knowledge in branch operations. She then went on to the regional office, where she supported more than 15 branches in the sales team and gained recognition as the Top Three Sales Achiever for 2003 and 2004. In 2005, after receiving the Regional Top Sales Achiever Award, Sylphy was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager, leading the sales team in the Regional Office. She was promoted again in 2007 and became Business Manager at a branch in Kuala Lumpur, where she led the Credit Department. In 2012, she was promoted to Branch Manager. During this time, the branch she managed maintained themselves as an award-winning branch for five years consecutively from 2013 to 2017.

    Sylphy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, double majoring in Economics and Marketing, from Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia and is also a Certified Credit Professional (CCP) through the Institute of Bankers Malaysia (now known as the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers). She is a Certified Training Professional through the Finance Accreditation Agency and a Certified HRDF Trainer.


    Michelle Loo has more than 10 years of banking experience in secured and unsecured lending, wealth products, bancassurance, SME banking and branch management.

    Michelle started her career in the banking industry with HSBC Bank as a Mortgage Executive. In 2008, she joined OCBC as a Business Development Manager in SME Banking and during which, the team she was in achieved Top 5 in the nationwide overall performance. Following that, she joined Maybank as a Mortgage Consultant. She was one of the pioneers in the Direct Sales Team and recognized as the Nationwide Top Team for 3 consecutive years. She then went on to join Alliance Bank and was promoted as Branch Manager. Subsequently, she joined Public Bank in Regional Sales and Support in SME Bancassurance, supporting 19 branches in the Klang Valley. Her main task was to maintain Regional top sales, which she achieved for 2 consecutive years.

    At ABS, she is involved in developing e-Learning content, storyboarding and gamification, as well as having the role as a Trainer for the “Introduction to Ethics in Banking” programme. Michelle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics majoring in Finance from University Putra Malaysia.

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