An Insight into Next Generation SME Banking
  • Overview
  • Objectives & Outline
  • Methodology
  • Participant Profile
  • Trainer
  • Overview


    20 - 21 November 2019


    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


    Asian Banking School

    This programme is designed to help those in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Banking meet digital SME expectations. Bank Negara Malaysia has highlighted the need for banks to play its role in continuously innovating, adapting to the digital disruption and be the frontier in driving the national SME agenda by ensuring adequate access to financing. This programme provides an overview of the different applications of digitisation, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing and an appreciation of the power of digital technology to dramatically improve the service provided by SME Banking. Digital is one of the key drivers for SMEs when selecting a banking provider and this programme will stress the importance of understanding digitisation for the future of SME Banking.





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  • Objectives & Outline
    By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the characteristics of SMEs and have an overview of the SME landscape
    • Identify SME banking pain points and making banking simpler, faster, and smarter for SMEs
    • Understand digitisation as the next frontier in SME banking and winning over SMEs with the digital agenda
    • Provide the criteria for winning the hearts and minds of SME customers and capitalising on digitisation, AI, blockchain and cloud computing to achieve customer satisfaction
    • Know the use of AI in SME lending
    • State the fintech solutions offered to SMEs and the application where digitisation and AI can be used in fraud prevention, optimisation and risk management
    • Gain an insight into the future of Blockchain technology for SME lending


    Characteristics and Landscape of SMEs

    • Characteristics: Wider variety of sectors, more risky markets, challenging to acquire
    • Landscape: Percentage of GDP, businesses, share of SME exports, employment in the country

    Changing SME Banking Marketplace
    • Critical factors driving SME banking

    • Helping SMEs beyond financing

    SME’s Pain Points
    • Hard to identify reliable business partners in the new market
    • Not able to fully understand the opportunities and threats of the new technology relevant to the industry
    • Difficulty obtaining market insights and the latest trends from knowledgeable industry experts
    • Unsatisfactory nature of SME customers’ interaction with their bank
    • Lengthy and tedious application processes. No proper guidance on the appropriate financing to choose
    • Banks to do more than just offering conventional banking products and services

    Digitisation as the Next Frontier in SME Banking
    • Adoption of technology and automation into the SMEs operations to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs
    • Overview of AI, blockchain, and cloud technology – what is the current state and how to make the best use of the business opportunities they can bring

    Digitisation of Banking Services for SMEs
    • What would make SMEs leave your bank for a competitor bank and how to re-engage with SME customers to prevent them switching elsewhere
    • Digital agenda of banks and going high tech with AI, big data, cutting-edge applications, etc., and utilising digital channels to increase lending to SMEs including the use of tablet-enabled applications by the SME sales force
    • How well banks understand the SMEs’ financial and banking needs
    • Digital banking functionalities and platforms offered or to be offered by banks to allow SMEs to self-serve for financial solutions
    • Potential of digitising SMEs’ finance and helping customers to seize opportunities in global trade
    • Key challenges for bank to incorporate new digital banking services for SMEs and using analytics to better anticipate the needs of SMEs
    • Opportunity and the impact that digital channels will have on the physical branch network

    Using AI in SME Lending
    • To impact digital marketing
    • To determine creditworthiness
    • To streamline the loan process
    • To improve customer experience for borrowers
    • To help banks retain customers

    Fintech Solutions Offering and Alternative Financing to SMEs, such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending, Equity Crowdfunding, Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP), etc.

    Blockchain Technologies for SME Banking
    • Verification of identity using blockchain for KYC requirements needed for a transaction or account opening
    • Automation and simplification of loan application process, tailoring products and services to suit SME needs
    • Facilitate competition with online lenders in terms of cost and speed by introducing Blockchain into the lending processes
    • Faster settlements, easier processes, secure transactions and savings in both cost and time for both banks as well as small businesses
    • Leverage blockchain to create an auditable and immutable trail for overall compliance and audit

    Making Banking Simpler, Faster and Smarter for SMEs
    • Streamlining and digitisation of account opening processing for SMEs with the use of digital capabilities
    • Using technology to make the business loan application process faster and smarter
    • Offering convenience and ease to use SME products
    • Being a smarter service bank
    • Inspiring examples of innovation by proactive banks

    Increase Impact of Technology on Financial Inclusion by Central Bank
    • Regulatory sandbox
    • Adoption of digital identities for SMEs
    • Psychometric tools for SME credit evaluations

  • Methodology

    Interactive lectures, group discussion, group activities and video presentations

  • Participant Profile

    Credit and marketing officers, account relationship managers, and those who want to learn about digitisation, AI, and blockchain in SME lending

  • Trainer


    Josh Soo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics majoring in Statistics from the University of Malaya. He has 31 years of broad banking experience from working at four banks and has held various responsibilities, including as Sales and Operations Manager, Branch Manager and Head of Channels Process Management at UOB. Josh is a Certified Credit Professional in Business Credit and has held the position of Branch Manager for 5 years, responsible in sales and marketing activities for loans to achieve assigned branch’s targets, including the small and middle enterprises (SMEs) business loans. Josh has also been involved in foreign exchange and money market settlement, trade finance marketing and operations, branch banking and management, channels process management and training.

    In his last position as Head of Channels Process Management for about 8 years, he was tasked to improve efficiency by optimising processes, strengthening internal controls and ensuring regulatory compliances were in place. He was involved in banking standardisation, rationalisation and digitisation. His key roles included writing new or revising branch guidelines, optimising processes, meeting regulatory requirements and technological changes, and ensuring internal and fraud prevention controls were in place.

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