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  • Overview
  • Objectives & Outline
  • Methodology
  • Participant Profile
  • Trainer
  • Overview
    20 – 22 November 2017
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Asian Banking School
    When undertaking credit analysis and evaluation, there are 2 core analytical components – qualitative and quantitative. The latter is the focus of this module. Much emphasis is placed in financial evaluation and we can observe that when approvers often zoom in on the numbers and raise many financial related queries as a result. Such queries result in much tension and consternation amongst Relationship Managers (RMs) and Approvers – and also contributing to an ineffective credit process. Often Approvers gripe that RMs are conducting elevator analysis and very little value add. So what really should Financial Analysis/ Evaluation be?

    Financial Statements and spreadsheets tell a story – if one knows how to interpret them. The numbers tell a story. Very often we get lost in the technicalities and forget the story. Using a tested and structured practical approach, this programme aims to equip RMs with the necessary skill sets to undertake thorough and practical Financial Evaluation as it should be.
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  • Objectives & Outline
    Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Interpret financial statements via a structured approach
    • Have a big picture view of credit incorporating qualitative & quantitative analysis – thereby enabling comprehensive risk profiling and ultimately resulting in accurate credit judgements
    • Identify and sieve out financial red flags 
    • Write financial evaluations which are well structured, objective, thoroughly analysed and concise

    Part A : Financial Evaluation – A preamble

    • Financial Evaluation – Roles, objectives & what it should really be about
    • A quick recap of financial statements

    Part B : Financial Statements & Spreadsheet Interpretation Using the 4-segment approach to execute financial evaluation:

    • Profitability & growth
    • Cash flow & liquidity
    • Efficiency
    • Capital structure

    Part C : Financial Red Flags

    • What are the financial red flags and how to read them

    Part D : Using Thoth Capital’s Financial Evaluation Matrix & Guide

    • The Thoth Capital Financial Evaluation Approach (where to start?)
    • The Thoth Capital Financial Evaluation Template – bringing out the issues & enabling financial writing (how to do?)
    • Thoth Capital’s Financial Evaluation Matrix – making sense of the numbers and ratios using the 4-segment approach (what to look out for & what to ask)
    • Case Study Dissection: Executing the template and writing the financial evaluation
  • Methodology
    • The programme will be workshop based comprising lectures, sharing of facilitator experiences, discussions and class exercises with group presentations based on live case studies
    • The module will also see the use of Thoth Capital’s proprietary user friendly guides to help participants execute the various credit areas
  • Participant Profile
    • Relationship Managers from Commercial & Corporate Banking - junior to senior Levels
    • Credit Evaluators/ Approvers
    • Investment Banking personnel handling lending activities
    • Credit Support personnel
    • Credit Audit personnel
  • Trainer
    Lim Tien Chee
    Lim Tien Chee or “TC” as he is popularly known is currently the Director and Managing Consultant of Thoth Capital Sdn Bhd, a management consultancy cum training outfit which mainly services the banking industry and has been in operation since 2004.

    TC has 12 years’ line and management experience across the credit value chain at RHB Bank. He headed departments within Commercial and Corporate Banking and Credit Management, and has a good appreciation of the local banking environment. The job scope during his tenure extended from origination, underwriting, restructuring and to approvals.

    At the age of 30, TC was promoted to department head of a corporate banking unit. In 2004, he was promoted to Vice President when he was 33, making him one of the young high performers RHB Bank. His portfolio extended from SMEs to large listed conglomerates. In Corporate Banking, the portfolio size under his care exceeded RM2 billion and exposed him to all facets of the economy – from trading, manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas, and public infrastructure.
    In Credit Management, where independent evaluation of commercial and corporate loans is undertaken, TC was one of the youngest senior credit managers to be granted discretionary authority for loan approvals and a pioneering member of RHB Bank’s Credit Management Division. TC was also instrumental in developing the credit policy for RHB Bank and was often called upon to undertake strategic and risk management initiatives including due diligence reviews for its mergers and bank wide transformations.

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