Global Market Trends and their Effect on the Malaysian Capital Markets
Global Market Trends and their Effect on the Malaysian Capital Markets
  • Overview
  • Objectives & Outline
  • Methodology
  • Participant Profile
  • Trainer
  • Overview


    25 April 2019


    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


    Asian Banking School
    This programme looks at several topical, relevant and interesting trends that are affecting financial professionals in their workplace in Malaysia. Initially focusing on current market topics and key drivers, it combines the application of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and behavioural finance to understand recent moves, current market positioning and likely outcomes. The objective is to analyse the current global market price action to identify trends, value and trading strategies and then look at the impact that these and domestic influences may have on Malaysian markets.

    Amongst other topics; we will look at the key influences affecting equity market pricing, and European and Japanese government bonds which currently yield negative interest rates at the front of the curve. The key US rate market, FOMC policy and how this is feeding out to the EM markets and Asia will also be explored. We will discuss the US dollar (DXY) and other key currencies for the region, looking at what the directional influences are now and what is coming around the corner and may cause the next big trend or correction. The most influential commodities, China and Japanese policies will also be looked at.

    This programme will discuss relative value in the respective markets, current risks, alternative assets and trading strategies and products, and the impact they will have on the Malaysian capital markets. It will also then consider the rapidly developing FinTech market and which Fintech developments will influence capital market products, the way they are priced, sold and revalued. Their effect on regulatory and compliance behaviour in relation to the capital markets both globally and in Malaysia will be considered, as well as FinTech’s effect on the workplace with a look into the future to see how things will change and what areas will have longevity.




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  • Objectives & Outline
    By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
    • Identify current market themes and present price action
    • Analyse and understand how the Malaysian capital markets are being impacted now and, in the future
    • Apply fundamental analysis, technical analysis and behavioural finance to current relevant asset classes
    • Assess correlations, market positioning and biases and identify areas of value
    • Develop trading strategies to generate revenue
    • Analyse and discuss key drivers and trends in the work place and identify impending key employment influences, including the impact of FinTech in capital markets and financial services as a whole
    • Adapt business structure to capitalise on tech advancements
    Current Market Themes of Focus
    • Equity markets – analysis of current market drivers, including levels of leverage and what it means to future price moves
    • Global outlook – focus on Europe, U.S. and Asia
    • Global government bond yields, analysis of U.S., EU and Japanese Government Bond markets and what lies ahead
    • Japan’s Abenomics – is it ever going to work?
    • U.S. dollar analysis, current drivers and key events or data likely to affect its direction and pace of movement. Look at spot EURUSD and USDJPY markets.
    • Key Asian currencies analysis. What are the key influencers? Is it global flows or local policy and events?
    • Global trade update. Are we headed to full blown trade wars or will peace and love break out? What have been the key events and strategies and what is coming around the bend.
    • BREXIT – in, out or shake it all about? Analysis of the status of this historic divorce and what it means for the City and Sterling
    • China – what lies ahead for the economy, currency and its global aspirations
    • Commodities – focus on Oil. Analysis of current levels and where to now?

    Group Exercise
    • Combining fundamental analysis, technical analysis and behavioural finance, we look at current related indicators and indexes that are influencing Malaysian markets and analyse the correlation with MY10YT, KLSE and MYR. We analyse historical movements and forecast coming moves and what might change them.

    Malaysian Capital markets
    • The current economy
    • The key impacts and drivers from the global markets
    • Current local influences combined with global influences to see what the effect was historically and what is expected going forward
    • Trading strategies – where is there value?
    • What will be the key market themes in the next 3-6 months

    Key Developments in FinTech affecting Capital Markets
    • Key developments
    • Blockchain takeover? Blockchain basics and current developments. Realism setting in.
    • Traders changing roles and tools
    • Disruptors in the trading place. Fintech competitive offerings making waves.
    • The rise of algorithms
    • Robo-advisors technology and the changing service model
    • Active versus passive investing. Is it one or the other? Which is most effective?
    • How Fintech is changing the financial services product delivery
    • Reinvention of BO and MO services and tools available
    • RegTech – regulatory and compliance developments and how FinTech is changing this space
    • AI, Big Data and Data Analytics
    • Road bumps for FinTech and risks for Adopters

    • What will the financial services look like in 2030? Using what has been learnt today, project what markets will be like in the future, what to do and how to do it, and how clients will be serviced. How to future proof your career against coming changes?
  • Methodology
    Instructor led facilitation using case study discussions and exercises
  • Participant Profile
    • Corporate, commercial, private banking and relationship managers – the programme is of great importance to sales teams and private bankers who gain a greater insight into the current market trends, trading strategies, portfolio allocation and alternative investments to discuss and market with current and potential clients
    • Investment management and trading – this programme is also suited to financial market risk takers. It gives a unique look at current market themes and trends. It blends fundamental information with technical charts and price correlations in the search of value trading strategies
    • Researchers also benefit from looking at the market from a different perspective. Not every price move is based on fundamental reasons. Technical charts, correlations and market positioning add a different perspective
  • Trainer

    Peter Carpenter

    Peter Carpenter (Pete) has 34 years of financial markets experience with major banks in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, and Stockholm; where he has traded FX, FX Options, Interest Rates and Derivatives, Equities and Equity Derivatives, FixedIncome and Money Market products. He has set up and managed numerous trading teams and in his last role was Regional Treasurer and Head of Capital Markets in Singapore. He is experienced in Risk and Compliance in private banks in Asia and is also in communicating with other Branches and Head Offices that are abroad.

    In his various roles, Pete has gained deep experience in most aspects of financial products including market making, proprietary risk, sales, advisory and treasury management. He has trained many traders and held courses for staff and clients. He has experienced many extreme crisis situations, both within his institutions and market wide, where he has had to exhibit deft crisis management and deal with and manage regulators and institutions. He has spent 23 years working in Asia and is experienced in managing situations caused by cultural differences. He has managed teams in other continents remotely.
    As a Senior Learning Consultant, Pete creates and delivers courses that are aimed at increasing knowledge and enhancing performance in the workplace. He believes education should be interactive, collaborative, fun and practical.

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