Navigating the New Era in Banking
Navigating the New Era in Banking
  • Overview
  • Objectives & Outline
  • Methodology
  • Participant Profile
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    Asian Banking School
    New entrants to the markets, support teams and intermediate level staff may be unfamiliar with the actual structure of their bank, the global banking system, various risks in banking, the overview on compliance, the new age of computerization (FinTech) and the increasing competition from shadow banking. They are also keen to learn new ways to continuously improve their own performance.

    This programme combines the current economic back drop that a bank competes in, the structure of a bank including what each division does and how they interact, the policy of the current CEO, a SWOT analysis with other financial competitors and the many risks to be aware of in the current banking system. It gives a high-level overview of compliance and ethics, looks into the rise of digitalization, new entrants into the banking industry “disruptive banking”, the rise of the Shadow Banking System, and the risks posed from a “hard landing” in China or aggressive rate rises from the U.S. Federal Reserve.

    The programme finishes with an insight into “Achieving Peak Performance”. This module is designed to help individuals improve their own performance in numerous areas of their daily work and social lives. It helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses, and teaches them to embrace a series of core objectives to improve personal welfare, performance, inter-personal relationships, business development, communication and team development.

    The programme helps promote business excellence and strategy, with the aim to develop an understanding of each individual’s important role within the business, developing their leadership skills and also their personal effectiveness.




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  • Objectives & Outline
    Upon completion of the programme, participants understand:
    • The current global economic back drop - US interest rates, inflation, Trump victory, negative yielding bonds etc.
    • How the bank supports the main divisions 
    • The structure of a typical universal bank and how the divisions interact - retail & commercial banking, investment banking, private banking and asset management
    • Risks in the banking industry (and the global economy) that the bank works under 
    • Internalization (cross-selling) between the divisions 
    • Overview of compliance, ethics, risk and control awareness 
    • Computerisation and digitalisation of the banking industry 
    • New entrants into the banking industry (PayPal, Facebook, Alibaba, Apple Pay, Nutmeg, etc.) 
    • How banks compete with “FinTech” - resistance or acceptance 

    Overview & Challenges for the Banking Industry – 2017

    • Global Economic Outlook 
      • The current global macro-economic outlook 
      • Focus on the Federal Reserve and the risks posed by rising U.S. interest rates 
      • The risk of the rising U.S. dollar 
      • Where do commodities go next? 
      • Is China growing again? 
      • Negative interest rates 
      • Negative yielding bonds and a steepening curve 
      • Emerging markets – boom or bust? 
      • Brexit and the implications in Europe, and globally 
      • Is there excessive leverage in the financialsystem? 
      • The rise of algorithms, “robo” trading and speculation 

    • Team Exercise/Discussion: Risks and opportunities of a selected bank. Where do we see growth and opportunity for the year ahead? 

    • Exercise: A selected Bank, CEO and updated business model 
      • Focus on the peers; e.g. comparison with banks operating on similar scale & in the region 
      • The Volcker Rule – major effect on your current bank’s model? 
      • How has the bank changed since the financial crisis? 
      • What are the new challenges and how is your bank adapting? 

    • One Bank concept vs Niche/Focused Strategy – there is a detailed discussion on each individual part of a selected bank, the interaction between the different areas and divisions, and the importance of each individual employee within the whole group organization. 
      • Focus on Personal and Commercial Banking 
      • Focus on Private Banking 
      • Focus on Investment banking 
      • Focus on Asset Management 
      • Focus on Risk, Legal & Compliance 

    • Case study: Product analysis – Foreign Exchange, equities, bonds and commodities 

    • Team Exercise: SWOT & Peer Group Comparison of selected banks 

    • Banking Models Compare & Contrast – A Financial Service or IT Business? 
      • IB/PM & AM Execution Platforms & Pricing 
      • Buy Side Market Access & Shadow Banking; Threats or Opportunity? 
      • IB/PB & AM Digitalization 

    • FinTech – a new era in banking, “The fourth industrial revolution”  

    • Digitalisation and electronification 
      • Innovation, competition and collaboration 
      • FinTech growth 
      • Payment systems, security, Bitcoin, money transfers etc. 
      • Front office changes, execution, the rise of algorithms, CCP and PB 
      • Back office changes and STP 
      • Private Banking apps, algorithms and wealth management 
      • Risks & Compliance 

    • Case study: How is a selected bank developing its FinTech strategy and what new tools and ideas could be embraced? Comparing and contrasting with your peers 

    • Growth Threat? China Slowdown 
      • 2015 Stock Market Crash 
      • Local government debt crisis 
      • RMB Devaluation 
      • What can we expect in 2017 

    • Strategy Presentation/Discussion – The China Syndrome, How to Position your bank for China (an exercise will be used where appropriate, otherwise trainer will recommend a different one for Malaysian market) 

    • Risk Management & Control Purpose 
      • Finance Risk 
      • Regulatory Risk 
      • Legal Risk 
      • Reputational Risk 
      • Market Risk 
      • Credit Risk 
      • Fraud 
      • Hidden Risks 

    • Case study: Why are the financial markets seeing so many events that statistically should not occur in our lifetimes? What is the value of VAR in our risk analysis? 
    • Video Exercise – Baring Brothers 

    • Themes for 2017+; Thinking Outside the Box 
      • Revenue Opportunities 
      • New Clients 
      • New Geographies 
      • New Products & Services 
      • “Left Field” ideas 

    • Case study: What new ideas do we propose for your bank for 2017? 

    • What will keep our organization on the cutting edge of banking? And where can we diversify? 

    • Banking regulation and Compliance overview 
      • 2017 compliance update 
      • Basel III 
      • The Volker rule 
      • Dodd-Frank Act 
      • Anti Money Laundering 

    • Achieving peak performance in the financial markets 
      • Improving personal performance 
      • Inter-personal skills and people management – LEADERSHIP 
      • Overcoming our biases 
      • The characteristics of winners 
      • Sales and communication 

    • Video: How great leaders inspire action 

    • Case study: Bringing the traits of global superstars into the workplace 

    • End of course quiz – Win a car! 

    Course wrap up & Conclusion

  • Methodology
    Role plays, case study discussions, exercises and hands-on practice
  • Participant Profile
    This course is aimed at new graduates, support staff and all junior to mid-tier employees including:
    • New graduates 
    • Back office and support staff 
    • Operations & Technology 
    • Legal & Compliance 
    • Product Control 
    • Financial Control, Audit & Accounting 
    • Project Management & Business continuity 
    • And those wanting to gain a better grasp of developments in the markets
  • Trainer


    James Brodie is a Senior Learning Consultant with Intuition; specializing in Global Financial Markets, Technical Analysis, Behavioral Finance and Performance Enhancement.

    James has 20 years of front office experience with major investment banks in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore where he traded Interest Rate Derivatives, Foreign Exchange and Currency Options. He specializes in Technical Analysis, is a Chartered Market Technician (C.M.T.) and a Board member of the Market Technicians Association. He has appeared on Bloomberg television numerous times conducting live interviews on current market themes and trends.

    He then became the Chief Investment Officer for The Sherpa Funds; a Singapore based Hedge Fund where he programmed algorithmic trading systems based on rules developed from his technical analysis background. He is now also co-founder of Grotesque Media Technology, producing new ticketing technology for the entertainment industry. 
    In these roles, James has acquired a great deal of experience training and coaching both front-office and support staff in the technical and business issues of modern banking. As an associate trainer with Intuition, James designs and delivers specific courses around technical analysis, strategic trading, behavioral finance and relevant programmes that address knowledge gaps across financial institutions.

    James rowed for Great Britain for 3 years and won medals at 3 consecutive World U23 rowing championships. He was also a 3-time national rowing champion of Great Britain. He now competes in Ironman triathlons and qualified for the 2013 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. James graduated from London University with an Honors Degree 2:1 in Economics in 1993.

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