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    9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Asian Banking School
    This is a 1-day foundation programme which will comprise short input sessions supported by practical work. For each part of the programme, the facilitator will talk through the general principles, focussing on their practical importance. After each input session, a case study (or possibly two shorter case studies) will be used, and participants will be invited to discuss the ethical issues arising from them.

    As the programme is introductory, it should concentrate on ethical issues that might commonly be encountered at operational level, such as integrity, confidentiality, applying minimum standards of accepted behaviour, whistle blowing and so on.
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  • Objectives & Outline
    Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Explain the meaning and practical significance of business ethics, and the fundamental principles consistent with ethical behaviour.
    • Understand the duties-based and consequences-based approaches to ethics, and their importance in addressing stakeholder needs and the public interest.
    • Define ‘professionalism’ and explain values and behaviours expected of professional bankers.
    • Understand the drivers of moral reasoning in individuals, and how organisational policies and practices are relevant to their reasoning.
    • Apply ethical decision making frameworks to ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest.
    What is ethics and why is ethics important in banking?

    The nature of ethics, and its specific meaning in the context of business.

    Fundamental ethical concepts: integrity, honesty, probity, transparency, fairness, objectivity, responsibility, accountability, judgement, scepticism.
    • Discussion of case 1

    Duties of a banker, based on rules that must be followed and principles that govern behaviours.

    Ethics based on consequences, but consequences to whom?  Reconciling actions with the interests of stakeholders and the public interest.
    • Discussion of case 2


    Defining ‘professional’ and why bankers have to try harder than lawyers, doctors and accountants.

    Characteristics of a profession.

    Professional codes of conduct.
    • Discussion of case 3

    Ethical decision taking:

    Influences on our decisions, and their conflicting impact on what we do. These include rewards and threats, expectations of family, friends, colleagues and the law, perceptions of what is right and what is wrong.

    Decision taking frameworks.

    Dealing with conflicts of interest.

    Dealing with ethical dilemmas.
    • Discussion of case 4

    Self-assessment exercise:

    Participants work 20 x MCQs followed by debrief
  • Methodology
    Lectures, group discussions, case studies and self-assessment.
  • Participants
    Graduate trainees or new hires at the banks
  • Trainer
    Dr Paramsothy Vijayan
    Director of Graduate Training & FSTEP / Senior Consultant
    Asian Banking School
    Dr Paramsothy Vijayan is the Director of Graduate Training & FSTEP, and Senior Consultant at the Asian Banking School. He started his career working in one of the big 8 Chartered Accountants and Management Consultancy firms in the UK. He has over 20 years of banking experience working in local and foreign banks up to a senior management level, ranging over a diverse range of disciplines.

    Dr. Vijay is currently involved in structuring bespoke technical and soft skill programmes for banks. In addition, he is involved in the curriculum working committee for professional qualification programmes such as the Chartered Banker and Bank Risk Management. He is also a designated Chartered Banker trainer, bringing a fresh approach to self-directed learning using mind-mapping techniques, case studies and problem-based learning. Dr Vijay has published banking and finance related text books and journal articles internationally, including, "Success Factors for the Implementation of Entrepreneurial Knowledge Management in Malaysian Banks" (Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 2013).
    He holds an Honours Degree in Accounting and Finance from Scotland, a Master of Science Degree in Multimedia Technology (Banking), a Doctor of Business Administration (Banking Strategy and Marketing) from Australia, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Knowledge Management in Banking) from Malaysia. He is also a Certified Training Professional (ARTDO).

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