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  • Methodology
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  • Overview
    21 – 22 March 2017 (2 days)
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Asian Banking School
    The financial services industry has a proud history of service and innovation for over more than two centuries, but the financial crisis taught many harsh lessons, including the reality that reputations built over several generations can be destroyed in a few moments. Of direct relevance to this is the way in which banking organisations conduct themselves, and how they are perceived by their stakeholders. This programme considers the ethical dimensions of banking, starting with an exploration of the fundamental principles which underpin ethical behaviour. The programme looks at what is expected of bankers, including the duties they owe to others and society as well as the importance of reconciling the many needs of different stakeholder groups. The programme also considers the vital role of leaders in the banking industry, both in the steps that are necessary to establish an appropriate culture through which reputation can be enhanced and maintained, as well as how a positive ethical stance may be harnessed to support corporate strategy.
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  • Programme Outline
    DAY 1
    • Explores the nature of ethics and its importance in a banking environment
    • Identifies and explains the fundamental principles underpinning ethical thinking and behaviour
    • Explains the duties-based and consequentialist approaches to ethics, and their practical implications
    • Defines ‘professionalism’ and examines the nature and characteristics of banking work in its aspiration to be regarded as a profession
    • Explains the role and limitations of codes of conduct
    • Examines the stimuli which affect moral reasoning of individuals, including human and organisational factors
    • Analyses ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest using alternative decision taking framework
    DAY 2
    • Analyses stakeholder groups and their needs, and explains why consensus is necessary to address stakeholder needs
    • Identifies lessons from the financial crisis, including ethical deficiencies, how they affected the banking industry and how they must be mitigated in the future
    • Explains essential practices in corporate governance
    • Examines the vital importance of establishing an appropriate corporate culture and how managers must set a tone from the top
    • Explains the part to be played by codes of practice and the practical steps necessary to make them work in practice
    • Explains the concept of ethical stance
    • Explores how ethical stance and corporate social responsibility policies can be used as a platform for strategic positioning
  • Methodology
    The programme combines short introductory presentations to introduce key concepts, followed by discussions of real-life case histories and ethical dilemmas. Participants will be encouraged to interact throughout the programme, using both individual and group exercises.
  • Participant Profile
    Senior bankers and managers across the industry given that the issues covered are of central importance to the continued sustainability of banking across the globe
  • Trainer
    Robert (Bob) Souster lectures on economics, corporate and business law, management, corporate governance and ethics. He is the Module Director for ‘Professionalism, Regulation and Ethics’, a core module of the Chartered Banker MBA programme at Bangor University, Wales. He is also an examiner and verifier for the Chartered Banker Institute in the UK, the Institute of Bankers in Ireland and a major accountancy body. He was previously an examiner for the Institute of Financial Services.

    Bob’s previous career was in banking having served as a divisional manager for EBS, Ireland’s second largest mutual financial institution then (and now part of AIB Group) in Dublin, Ireland.

    He has written several textbooks, including ‘Money Laundering’ and ‘Professionalism, Ethics and Regulation’, published by BPP for the Chartered Banker Institute, and various books for mortgage compliance examinations offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

    Bob has been a lecturer for the London Metropolitan University in marketing, law and economics, and has also worked with the College of Commerce, Dublin, Sheffield Hallam University, and Jiao Tong University and SUFE in Shanghai. He has run ACCA and CIMA examination and revision courses in several countries including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia and Singapore.
    BANGOR BUSINESS SCHOOL is consistently ranked as one of the top Universities in Europe and in the world Top 20 for its Banking research (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis / RePEc, 2015). The School is also ranked in the top 25% of UK business schools for its Business and Management research (Times Higher Education, 2015).

    In Malaysia, the Bangor Business School is best known for its Chartered Banker MBA programme; the only dual award of the prestigious MBA and professional Chartered Banker qualification.

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