Reimagining a Banking World Disrupted by Fintech
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    Asian Banking School
    FinTech is disrupting every banking sector at an increasing rate. USD 60bn has been invested globally in FinTech since 2010, almost equivalent the amount invested by banks in innovation in the same period.

    New FinTech companies continue to swell the ranks of the 14,000 registered to date including 80 ‘unicorns’ valued at USD 1bn and over. Tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Alibaba, TenCent and Baidu continually explore capital intensive opportunities to offer banking and payment services to consumers.

    This programme analyses leading global FinTech operations, their capital efficiencies, customer acquisition and retention methodologies. Strategies are developed for leaders to keep pace with FinTech innovations in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning Robo Advisory, RegTech and Augmented Reality (AR).

    Focus is maintained on appreciating opportunities and risk in FinTech 'rapid iteration' methodologies. Banks' engagement with regulators on the development of regulatory compliance ‘sandbox’ environments in multiple jurisdictions is also covered. Global innovations are reviewed in the context of legislation including PSD2, MFiD II and Open Banking API standards.

    Banking leaders are prepared to leverage their banks’ trusted status and lead the innovation agenda in to a future increasingly defined by technological advantage, fully anticipating the rise of the FinTech ‘embedded bank 4.0’.


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  • Programme Outline

    DAY 1

    Morning Session
    • The opening session profiles the rapid emergence of FinTech. Key drivers include the context of consumer led, context driven mobile first economies, permissionless innovation and Banking API infrastructures
    • The models and capital efficiencies of FinTech disruptors in EMEA, APAC ASEAN & MENA, their influence on global trends in banking and the emergence of RegTech will be profiled 
    • After a study of the recent emergence of regulatory sandboxes in regional capitals and their impact on governance, participants will simulate the key operations of a regulatory sandbox
    Learning Outcomes
    • Insight into the emergence of FinTech and key drivers behind its rapid proliferation across all banking sectors
    • Understand the business models and capital efficiencies of leading FinTech disruptors in global markets 
    • Understand how disruptive Open Banking Infrastructures, Banking APIs and RegTech operate in conjunction with compliant legacy banking rails
    • Simulate the operations of a regulatory sandbox
    Afternoon Session
    • In the afternoon, we discuss Blockchain & distributed ledger technology, Saas, DaaS, access to banking rails, FinTech payments and regulatory compliance (RegTech)
    • The recent proliferation of innovation in The Internet of Things (IoT), digital identity, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and the resultant increased exposure to advanced cybercrime are also detailed
    • Participants engage in a rapid iteration exercise to develop FinTech innovations for current and future banking operations
    Learning Outcomes
    • Knowledge of the leading applications of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, Software as a Service (SaaS) Data as a Service (DaaS), payments technologies, RegTech and access to banking rails
    • Understand the role of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) Open Banking APIs, The Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity in both legacy and future banking operations infrastructures
    • At the end of the day, participants will develop and present a FinTech innovation strategy using Banking APIs, AI, ML, IoT & RegTech

    DAY 2

    Morning Session
    • We review opportunities for collaboration with and investment in FinTech companies. The increasingly important role of banks in enabling FinTech innovations to rapidly scale is detailed
    • We discuss regional regulatory regimes and the rapid pace of innovation in emerging economies. The opportunities and risks of offering banking services to the unbanked in multiple territories are considered
    • Participants develop and present sandbox innovation strategies for multiple FinTech projects running in parallel
    Learning Outcomes
    • Evaluate and assess opportunities for banks to collaborate with FinTech companies
    • Assess key FinTech adoption drivers in rapidly expanding emerging markets and define associated operational risks
    • Develop and present sandbox development strategies for disruptive FinTech innovations running in parallel
    Afternoon Session
    • We cover rapidly developing innovations which are on course to distinguish FinTech as the definitive competitive advantage in banking
    • These include the facilitation of ‘embedded banking’ and automated robo advisory services by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and digital identities
    • Disruptive innovations developed in this space by Facebook, Alibaba, TenCent, Baidu, Amazon, Apple and Google and their current ventures in the payments space are considered 
    • Potentially dramatic shifts in valuations of commodities and futures markets stemming from advances in robotics, energy, nanotechnology and biotechnology are covered 
    • Participants engage in a rapid prototyping exercise on the afternoon’s themes 
    • They present their recommendations to the banking sector on retaining value in a future defined by FinTech
    Learning Outcomes
    • Identify the key competitive advantages of future FinTech products and their opportunities for banks
    • Anticipate the development of the ‘embedded bank 4.0’ facilitated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML) and cyber security
    • Profile the value of AI & ML to key disruptive innovations at Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Amazon, Apple and Google
    • Anticipate the rapid application of technologies to global industries, consider their disruptive effects on asset pricing and risk analyses 
    • Develop a disruptive FinTech innovation strategy
    • Present concise recommendations on potential to develop disruptive FinTech products
  • Methodology
    The programme features lecture discussions to introduce up to the minute FinTech market data and concepts. These are complemented by experiential learning with FinTech Regulatory Sandbox and rapid prototyping methodologies.
    Participants develop an understanding of FinTech innovation, customer acquisition and retention methodologies whilst managing banks' regulatory compliance and investment risk in project based scenarios.
  • Participant Profile
    • Senior bankers in corporate, retail, treasury, strategy, compliance, risk, innovation & planning 
    • Regulatory compliance specialists 
    • Banking supervisors
  • Trainer


    Matthew Gardiner is the founder of CatchLondon. He consults to banks, financial institutions, FinTechs, high growth technology businesses, corporations, ‘Scale Ups’ and VCs on blockchain, payments, compliance, risk, cyber security and data architectures. He is an incisive public speaker, up to the minute on developing emergent strategies with FinTech, Blockchain, AI, AR, VR, IoT, SaaS, DaaS, Cyber Security, Open Banking API, PSD2, MiFID II, InsurTech, EdTech and other emerging technologies including BioTech, AgriTech and PropTech.

    Matthew has substantial networks in the UK, US, APAC and MENA spanning banks, FinTech companies, corporate VCs and insurers including, Innovate Finance, the FCA's Regulatory Sandbox, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, State Street, Rise, Level 39, E&Y, PwC, Google Ventures, People’s Bank of China, China Life, TenCent, Alibaba, PPMG, MPesa Transfer Wise, Revolut, Braintree, VocaLink, MoFo, Union Pay, Open Banking API and WC3. He is a mentor at FinTech accelerators in London, New York and Hong Kong. He sits on the Advisory Board of Lysis Financial, a regulatory advisory firm, speaks at CSFI FinTech events and is a contributor to The FinTech Book.

    Matthew is a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School Executive Education where he has led programmes for C-Suite level banking, financial services and cyber security delegates with diverse portfolios from EMEA, APAC and MENA. He is scaling engagement with NGOs and tech companies in 27+ countries at

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