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  • Overview
    19 – 20 April 2017 (2 days)
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Asian Banking School
    The enormous flux of change in the world is changing the face of society, banking and business systems. This programme will be divided into four major analytical strands:

    1. The critical analysis of trends and developments that shape the society of the future; like major paradigm shifts, new social values, novel consumer behaviour patterns and the constant impact of technology

    2. The analysis of trends that are related to the banking industry such as how to anticipate and design the bank 3.0. Key areas of discussion will include “de novo” and Protean branch experiences, attentive environments, micro-banking and civic banking

    3. The analytical discussion of specific trends in bank marketing and management. A myriad of issues will be raised and scrutinised such as reverse marketing, insight–driven marketing, the optichannel, empowered brands, service design, cross-channel customer journeys, continual experimentation, the “new normal“ and the multi-syndrome. Additionally, other new concepts in this area will be explained, like simplicity marketing, platforms for customer engagement, the future of management, betapreneurship, strategic agility and marketing analytics theatre

    4. The last session will entail the analysis, discussion and presentation of several very recent mini-case studies on World Banking and Asian Banking on timely and up to date topics that were reflected and published by some of the most prestigious world and business media such as the Financial Times, New York Times, Bloomberg, etc.
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  • Programme Outline
    DAY 1
    Morning Session
    FUTURE OF SOCIETY and a “AND” WORLD that counts…
    The opening session will explore the Society of the Future, major paradigm shifts,  trends and developments that would affect our lives and any business system including the banking industry. Key drivers of change in society will be introduced - demographics, social values, lifestyles and new consumer behaviour patterns. Other emerging topics will be discussed like natural capitalism, hyper-collaboration, indiepreneurs, empathic leadership and the omni-life and technological advances .
    Afternoon Session
    This session will delve into trends and development in the international banking industry. Topics to be covered will include the bifurcation of the retail banking business, enabling innovation and scale-innovation speed, optimising distribution, Protean branch experiences and attentive environments. Other areas to be covered will focus on the use of biometrics, micro-banking, platformification of banking, civic banking and visible banking.
    DAY 2
    Morning Session
    The morning will be spent on a discussion of future trends in bank marketing and management. A number of important concepts will be introduced such as insight-driven marketing, service design and cross-channel customer journey. Other areas will be dissected and explored such as simplicity marketing, platforms for customer engagement, empowerment brands and the future of management.
    Afternoon Session
    The  final session of the seminar will be devoted to the analysis, discussion and presentation by groups of participants of pre-assigned and selected mini-case studies and clippings from the international press related to  World banking and Asian banking. There will be many themes chosen for reflection. For example: Brexit, customer service and trust, cost-cutting drives, jobs and branches, cyber thieves, stress tests and resilience of currencies, the future of the global economy, changes to lending rules, entry of newcomers, bank bonuses, the powerful storm in profits, Bitcoin and Blockchain.
  • Methodology
    The training approach and methods will coalesce around participant engagement and relevance to practice. There will be strong support and engagement in discovery-led training, where all participants contribute to the knowledge and the analytical learning process. The “learning by discovery” and Problem-Based Learning approaches will be applied whereby the participants will have the opportunity to search and explore new concepts and trends. Participants are encouraged to bring their computer tablets to enable them to engage in these computer searches.
  • Participant Profile
    Senior bankers and specialist senior bank staff  in the corporate, strategy, planning, retail, marketing, branding, and communication areas
  • Trainer
    Professor Luiz Moutinho
    Professor Luiz Moutinho is the Professor of BioMarketing and Futures Research at the DCU Business School, Dublin City University, Ireland. This is the first Chair in the world on both domains. Previously, and for 20 years, he was the Foundation Chair of Marketing at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

    Professor Moutinho has had Visiting Professorship positions at  a large number of universities worldwide including the Hebei United University, Tangshan, China; Hubei University, China; Hubei University of Economics, China; University of Hull, England; Liverpool Hope University, England; Otago University, New Zealand; University of Aveiro, Portugal; Feng Chia University, Taiwan; Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal; FGV - Sao Paulo, Brazil; Catholic University, Brazil; and University of Cyprus.

    He is also the creator, founder and mentor of the Marketing Futurecast Lab which is based at the University of Lisbon in Portugal. The lab is designed to study future trends in marketing.It has been running for the last nine years and has been supported by 23 large companies including Volkswagen, Santander Bank, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, AXA Insurance, Unilever, Millennium Bank, Heineken and Credit Agricole Bank.

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